Hi Thech

Turnkey product management & engineering solutions.


Tech consulting to managed IT services for the unprecedented growth of Hi-Tech industry.


Right from biometric employee attendance to client’s behavior predictive analysis, technology has become a part and parcel of today’s corporate pattern. Even if you are a technology-based firm, there is still a need for managed IT services which would ensure that the complete infrastructure is maintained well and you are happy to go with the business goals and productions.


At Appz Infotech, we have adroit tech consultants proficient in handling enterprise requirements and could develop a sophisticated solution for hi-tech companies in a cost-effective manner. A few of our core services for the IT Industry are custom software development, product lifecycle management, product enhancement, legacy transformation, product implementation & system integration and product testing services.


Appz Infotech has its in-house products that help in providing managed IT solutions to the hi-tech industry. Konfluence is a cloud based platform which identifies and predicts trends in real-time. Another valued product is iNet which is meant for corporate intranet solution. It provides unified digital workplace to collaborate, innovate and engage employees.