Data Engineering & Analytics

Decoding the possibilities in dark data through data analytics solutions.


Do you know that knowingly or unknowingly your business is storing a lot of dark data which can be exceptionally useful? This is the high time for you to churn huge data into an actionable insight through robust data engineering and analytics technology.


At Appz Infotech we provide comprehensive data engineering and data analytics solutions that help enterprises in extracting value from data through complete data engineering and analytics process. We are committed to harnessing business data to drive business insights, process improvement, innovation, and automation. In our big data analytics services, we provide complete solutions ranging from data ingestion, transformation, cleansing, modeling, and integration.


Our experts back enterprises in their data science through modern training & evaluation, feature engineering, optimization& evaluation, deep learning, ML, AI, and Deployment. Adept in the technologies like Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Tableau, R studio, QlikView, Google TensorFlow™, etc. our experts can help them in deployment & modernization of enterprise infrastructure.


Our Offerings

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights with our out-of-the-box solution offerings.