Bridging the gap between cloud-native and enterprise reality. Comprehensive Kubernetes solution to encompass with enterprise goals.


Centrally deploy, run, and manage Kubernetes clusters across all of your environments with a comprehensive container orchestration platform that finally delivers on the Kubernetes promise. Optimized for large enterprises,Appz Infotech is designed to provide multi-cluster deployments and observability. We made it easy, so your team can focus on what really matters: innovation and value generation.


Enterprise-grade container orchestration might start with Docker and Kubernetes, but Appz Infotech delivers the comprehensive, flexible tools that ensure you deploy enterprise-class Kubernetes clusters from Day One. The platform eases adoption for enterprises new to Kubernetes while providing the flexibility and control mature organizations need. Discover the enterprise Kubernetes capabilities Appz Infotech adds around open-source Kubernetes.

Our Offerings

Our suite of Kubernetes services includes the following offerings.